Appointments at the Yoga Barn include the use of a BioMat.  It is a pad laid on top of the massage table that combines three powerful elements of nature - Far Infrared Rays, Negative Ions and Amethyst Crystals.  

- Far Infrared Rays, nature's invisible light, warms the body with radiant heat, removes toxins, purifies blood, clears free radicals, revives cells, reduces swelling & inflammation, improves lymphatic flow and enhances immune function.

- Negative Ions, natures energizer, are considered the "Master Power Switch" by activating the body's entire cellular communication system; making every single function of the body work better.  They restore the pH to a balanced, alkalized state, promote deep relaxation & enhance sleep, decrease drowsiness & stress as well as enhance mental well-being.  

- Amethyst Crystals, nature's Superconductor, imparts a soothing, calming effect.  Amethyst provides powerful detoxification for respiratory, digestive and cellular disorders, boosts hormonal production, naturally amplifies Far Infrared Rays and makes them more compatible to the body.

Payment is expected at the time of the appointment.  Cash, check or credit cards accepted.

Please note that when you call to schedule an appointment, that that time has been especially set aside for you. If you need to cancel, kindly do so with 24 hours notice or full payment of the session will be expected.

Yoga Barn appointments:

60 minute session $120

75 minute session $150

90 minute session $180

House Call appointments:

60 minute session $165*

75 minute session $192*

90 minute session $220*

* Additional service charge may be added due to extended travel times or circumstances.

If you wish to make massage therapy a part of your life but are concerned about the financial commitment, please contact me to discuss options.

If you are showing signs of illness (fever, upset stomach, rash, contagious infections...), please call to reschedule the session. These symptoms are contraindicated to massage therapy and rescheduling protects both you and the therapist.

Tipping is appreciated, but not expected. In lieu of tipping, I would love for you to be able to receive massage therapy more often to reap all of the benefits it offers.


Gift certificates are available for 60, 75, or 90 minutes and must be paid for prior to being redeemed or mailed out. They never expire, are non-refundable but are transferrable.


Confidentiality is of the utmost importance to me. Rest assured that all information shared will be kept strictly confidential. I take pride in ensuring your comfort, safety, and satisfaction have been met.

During your session, your body will always be covered with a sheet, except for the area that is being worked. Remember that this is your time and if you are at all uncomfortable, I encourage you to please speak up and voice your needs.